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What is Unique

Unique Product Features


  • Our products are microwave oven & freezer safe, provided that the item does not have metal decorations

  • All Tudor England porcelain and fine bone china is dishwasher safe under normal dishwashing conditions

  • The flatware of earthenware/porcelain is glaze footed. A glazed and protected foot will protect the tableware when the ware is stacked and not exposed to a rougher "dry foot" abrasion and reduce scratches on table

  • Scratch resistance - no dirty stain mark on wares surface even using over long period

  • Strong chip resistance makes this ware safer & longer to use

  • Underglaze decoration is non-toxic, safe to use and would not fade as the décor colors are fully insulated by glaze from in contact with food

  • Passed USA FDA and California Proposition 65 standards for metal release


Lifetime Guarantee


  • Lifetime NO LEAD & CADMIUM Poisoning

  • Lifetime NO TOXIC Generated due to High Temperature

Touch the Glaze difference!


  • Our unique underglaze decoration method is not only protecting the design, but also makes it more shiny & stand out at every table and shelf. It's a combination of visual and sensual pleasure as you can always touch it to feel the difference!


Under-glaze decoration by Tudor England

  • For underglaze tableware, the decal is fired at high temperature on the tableware body. Then it is sealed by the glaze layer and fired again at even higher temperature. The result is the decal that is permanently protected and no chance at all the color come in contact with the food so Food safe! And as the decal will not fade, it looks new & shiny at all time!


On-glaze decoration by Others

  • For onglaze tableware, the decal is fired at lower temperature on the tableware surface, therefore it is not permanent. The decal/color could be removed over some period of usage. It cause the decal to look faded. The removed decal could be swallowed and since it can contain lead & cadmium in the color paint, it will be quite harmful to the health.

How to test?

  • If you can feel the contour of the decal on the tableware surface by finger nail, then it is a high possibility that the decal is onglaze.

Footless Glazed Profile by British '3-Pin Firing' process


Combining a long history & experience with the technological know-how from England, the company is one of the very few manufacturers capable of producing “footless glazed profile” and “protective glaze decoration” both inside & outside of the UK (at our factory in Malaysia).


The marks on the bottom of Tudor ware are not defects, but the marks of pins, which are used for supporting the wares during firing.

With this unique British '3-Pin Firing' process, we are able to totally glaze the foot of our wares for smooth finishing that will not scratch the surfaces and plates below, and protect the designs.

You can still find the Tudor ware produced 50-70-100 years ago, based on this technology, and it will still look new, smooth and shiny.

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